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        The Alexa Extension


        • siteinfoAlexa Traffic Rank: See how popular a website is.
        • relatedRelated Links: Find sites that are similar to the site you are visiting.
        • waybackWayback: See how a site looked in the past.
        • hoturlsSearch Analytics: Find out which queries drive traffic to a site.

        We're sorry, but we don't have a extension for your browser.
        * Extensions are available for the Firefox browser on all operating systems. Google Chrome users can download our new Chrome extension here.

        Making a better Internet

        Alexa could not exist without the participation of the Alexa Toolbar community. Each member of the community, in addition to getting a useful tool, gives back. Simply by using the Alexa toolbar, every member contributes valuable information about the web, how it's used, what's important and what isn't. Alexa returns this information to the community as Traffic Ranks, Related Links, and more.

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